Mar 01, 2015 12:03PM

Greetings From Palm Springs: A Photo Diary

Sun-drenched snaps by Julia Baylis and Sam Guest.

We have an ongoing crush on Julia Baylis, one half of design duo Me and You, and all-round creative badass. Here, she shares her dreamy Palm Springs photo diary with us. She says:

"Over winter, my boyfriend Sam and I escaped from NYC to LA.

We'd been meaning to go to Palm Springs for the longest time because we're both obsessed with classic Americana: old motels, palm trees, turquoise pools and trailer parks. We were struck by the difference between clean, built up Palm Springs versus the dry grittiness of the Palm Desert. 

The best part was the breathtaking sunsets —  you watch the sky turn from blue to pink to deep red...almost like witnessing it catch fire." — Julia Baylis 

Nadia Bailey