Aug 04, 2015 10:16AM

Grimes Doesn't Want To Be A Poster Girl For Hip Political Issues


Grimes has taken to Twitter to slam the way some publications have skewed recently revealed details of her forthcoming album. Grimes said she's got some "diss tracks aimed at the press" after the media widely reported that her album would be a feminist stance against male producers.

While Grimes did say there would be one such track on her album, she is pretty pissed at simplistic and reductive reporting that frames her/her music as a trending political topic. She also clarified that she believes in feminism (duh) but shouldn't be considered a spokesperson on the topic just 'cause she's a woman making music.

Semi-subtle distortion of information is a thing that happens on the internet on the reg, so props to Grimes for trying to get the truth out there. 

Photo: @actuallygrimes

Lucy Jones