Jan 30, 2017 8:36PM

Grimes Matches Fan Donations To Muslim Civil Rights Group, Gives $10,000

Grimes hasn't kept quiet about Trump's unbelievable immigration policies. She took to her social medias to voice her opinion, quoting statistics, calling bigotry, and most importantly encouraging her fans to donate to CAIR — a Muslim civil rights group.


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On Twitter, she promised to match donations from her fans, up to $10,000. She asked for screenshots, and then posted one of her own. "Thank you so much to everybody who donated," she wrote. "Y'all just matched 10k in donations to CAIR ... it means a lot <3"
Grimes also shared Sia's pledge of matching up to $100,000 in donations to ACLU — a nonprofit legal and advocacy organisation that protects the civil liberties of everyone in America.
TY ladies for proving the entire world is not crap. 
If you want to donate to either group, hit the links here and here.
Photo: @grimes

Hayley Morgan