Aug 04, 2016 5:38AM

Grimes' 'Suicide Squad' Track Is Out And It's A Dark Banga

Untz Untz.
While Grimesy baby has been hard at work just casually self-directing clips for tracks from her very epic Art Angels album, she also managed to make time to write a tune for Suicide Squad.
With the movies release comes the release of the track, officially on Zane Lowe's Beats1 show, titled 'Medieval Warfare'. It's a dark, industrial banga, with spacey vocals breathing lyrics "Baby I've been looking for a diamond", before scratching out a more staunch — kinda Yolandi — chorus of "Are you mad? Are you ugly? Can you a man with your hands?"
Along with the song premier is an interview. Grimes talks about being fearful of working on movie soundtracks, and that everyone she's ever known who has done it has "brutally hated it". But when she got the call to work on the Suicide Squad soundtrack she was "definitely weeping" and "very, very, very stoked." Good job.
Suicide Squad is in cinemas this Friday August 5. Listen to the track and interview below.

Hayley Morgan