Dec 02, 2016 10:14AM

Heaps Of New 'Twin Peaks' Merch Is Here

Damn fine coffee cups.

Most of us would agree that 2016 has been a pretty sucky year, what with Trump getting elected, Pauline Hanson returning to relevance and Arnott's Shapes changing their recipe. RIP Chicken Crimpy. The fact that the new Twin Peaks premieres in 2017 means that it's already got a good chance of being a way better year. Can't wait to meet you, 2017!

Today's Twin Peaks hype comes courtesy of a bunch of new merch designed to give all you stans stuff to wear, carry, drink from and put on your walls. Truly blessed. Showtime has released some Laura Palmer t-shirts and damn fine coffee cups finished with original artwork from Mr David Lynch himself. There's also an arty map of the town and sew on patches just in time for Christmas!

Cop some of the very nice merchandise below and head here to deck yourself out. 


Photos: Tumblr, Showtime

Lucy Jones