Feb 01, 2017 4:55AM

Hear Solange Speak On Activism In Pop Music, Her Album And Prince At Yale

Feelin' you.
Smartest ever Solange Knowles was invited to speak at a Yale conference that celebrated, primarily, the legacy of Prince and David Bowie. Titled Everybody Still Wants To Fly: Activism In Pop From Prince To Solange, Solange spoke to Professor Daphne Brooks about the icons and about the importance of protest music via A Seat At The Table.
The pair spoke of Prince and Bowie's power, and how it touches Solange's work. The also spoke beautifully on the "urgent, necessary, multi-faceted, black feminist sonic activism".
They discuss Solange's advocacy of safe spaces and the way she cares for herself in an oppressive world. When speaking about A Seat At The Table, Solange says "This record for me has been really a meditation and me wanting to create a mantra to get to the other side. With the live performance, dance taps into a form of expression and these facets of myself that I'm not able to express in other ways."
She talked about her own activism, through protest music: "I'm resisting, I'm objecting, I'm refusing. In its most simple way, protest is a statement of objection," she explained. "I think there are so many things that I fought against through this album, and hoped really for me to find healing and solace."
Listen to the full keynote address below:

Hayley Morgan