Oct 27, 2015 1:09PM

Help! The 00s Are Officially Cool Again: Emo Music Edition

Don't panic!

Something weird is going on, peeps. The noughties are starting to feel #vintage slash kewl again — way to make a gal feel old! First we were made privy to a new Blink-182 album (luv ur work, guys) and then a collab between Simple Plan and Nelly surfaced (lol, wut). Since then our feeds have been chockablock with news of 00s pop-punk/rock bands releasing albums, touring and collaborating with hip hop artists (?)

The noughties was a beautiful time of brief but tortured romances, greasy black side-fringes and Dallas Green encapsulating every emotion we'd ever felt via his impossibly dreamy vocal chords. Omg, my heart </3. It also involved changing our Nokia 3315 ringtones to Good Charlotte songs and attending gigs at our local community halls on the reg. To sum it up, the noughties were a phenomenally angsty time.

And, ovbi, this was your dream boy/myspace profile pic goal setter. Yes, that's Skrillex before he was Skrillex aka Sonny Moore. &hearts;

Get ready to equal parts #apathetic and lol, b/coz all your fave bands from that time are making a ~comeback~. Join us in comparing the old with the new 'n' at-times-unimproved tracks.

1) Fall Out Boy

Finally Fall Out Boy got the touch of hip-hop it's always deserved via this A$AP Ferg collab. The tune is the title track from their latest body of work: American Beauty/American Psycho. An unlikely coupling sure, but that doesn't stopping us digging it just a lil bit.

Question is though, does it really compare to this mmry?

2) Panic! At The Disco 

One of the most important bands in defining our generation, P!ATD, just announced they are releasing their new album Death Of A Bachelor in January 2016. They've already given us a few gems from the forthcoming project, with the pick of the lot being this freaky number:

It has all the makings of a great Panic! At The Disco track: flawless visuals, slight satanic undertones, and a warped take on minimalist dance music. It's been out for less than a week and already has 3 million views. That's only 104 million shy of this old banger:

3) Simple Plan

Simple Plan's recent collab with Nelly is a tradge reminder of why some things should stay in the past. They lost all their punk, kept all their pop, and went down a bizarre Baywatch path of reinvention in their film clip (feat. a David Hasselhoff cameo). 

Bring back more of this pls, guys:

4) Dallas Green 

Not sure if the main man in our lives ever left, but he provided the soundtrack to our sorry teen years and will be touring in Australia next year, which seems like a good enough reason to listen to this on repeat: 

5) Blink-182

ICYMI, Blink-182 are coming back with a new album already in the works. We can only hope it's along the lines of this:

Here are all the other bands who we suspect (half hope) will be resurrected from the pop-punk/rock vat of the noughties:
Stay tuned for the next edition of 'Help! The 00s Are Officially Cool Again'...

Photo: Tumblr. 

Madeleine Woon