Oct 29, 2014 9:40AM

Here's A Day's Worth Of Street Harassment Captured On Video

Girl lyf.

A director called Rob Bliss has collaborated on a new video with nonprofit group Hollaback!. The video secretly films an everyday woman, walking down the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours on her own. In that time, she is catcalled, verbally harassed and followed over 100 times. Are you surprised?

Sure, it might be heightened in a place like NYC, but street harassment is an everyday occurrence for so many women (and men). Video subject Shoshana Roberts says: "This definitely shows the average of a daily walk. I walk a lot in the city ... That was just verbal harassment we recorded, too. It doesn't account for people whistling and undressing me with their eyes and thrusting their crotches at me."

As Shoshana (and every girl) can attest to, this kind of harassment falls evenly along class, race and location lines. It's everywhere and it's a goddamn problem. Girl lyf. *Sighs*

Hollaback! is a non-profit organisation that aims to end street harassment. You can help by donating HERE.