Dec 19, 2016 2:37PM

Here's The Hella Tense Extended Trailer For 'Girls' Season 6


We've had a complicated relationship with the ladies of Girls since they came into our lives back in 2012. Both loveable, relatable and (tbh) annoying, Hannah and her crew have made us check our own privilege and think about what's truly important in this crazy messed up world over five tumultuous seasons.

The sixth season of Girls lands on December 12 and a new extended trailer shows us just how much drama we're going to cop before the final sayonara. In the clip, Jessa tells Hannah she's still her BFF even tho she's dating Adam, Marni deals with the consequences of being selfish and Shosh serves up some sassy realness. There's also some emotional group chats in the bathroom and a timeless mix of tears, hugs and lols.Photo: HBO

Lucy Jones