Mar 05, 2015 10:33AM

Here's Where To Buy The Luggage From The Darjeeling Limited

Let's go get a drink and smoke a cigarette.

Wes Anderson has an obsessive eye for detail and he inspires an obsessive level of devotion in his fans. Everything that appears on screen is aesthetically pleasing — from his knack for combining certain colours, to the way he composes his frames. You might find yourself obsessively hunting for a Lacoste dress like the one Margot Tenenbaum wears. Or maybe you can't shake the feeling that life would be better in a vintage-ish frock and beret.

And then there's the luggage. That beautiful, monogrammed luggage, first sighted in The Darjeeling Limited and held close to our hearts ever since. The luggage was made by Marc Jacobs during his tenure at Louis Vuitton and featured playful drawings of palm trees and safari animals on a rich, tan leather. The ones used in the film were auctioned off for charity back in 2008, and thus forever gone from our reach.

Until now.

A company called Very Troubled Child has started producing replicas of the near-mythical luggage, and they look good. Real leather, emblazoned with those essential drawings of palm trees, elephants, giraffes and zebras, and you can even get your initials hand-painted in Futura Type, because there's literally nothing more baller than personalised luggage.  

Although the company is completely unofficial, it's really just one more in a long line of brands that have fallen hard for Wes.

Speaking of being inspired by Wes, have you seen this video of what would happen if Wes Anderson directed The X-Men? LOL. 

Nadia Bailey