Jan 30, 2012 12:00AM

How Old Does Google Think You Are?

Find out for yourself!

"But she don't know you like I know you Slim, no one does." Lyrics from an Eminem song, or what Google would (will) say if (when) it could (can) talk? Because Google has been watching you, and you would be surprised at what it knows; just by looking at the websites you visit it can tell your age, gender and interests. So basically, your very own Google dating profile. Click here to see yours!

Of course the profile is specific to the computer you're on, so you might find very different results between your home and work computers. Especially if you lead a double life, like say, Clark Kent. Or Edward Cullen.

It works by analysing the type of websites that you visit, and infers your age and gender based on the majority of people who also visit those webpages. For example, if your interests centre around music (dance, electronic, pop), computers & electronics (business & productivity software), games, social issues and advocacy, then quite obviously you're a male, aged between 25 - 34. Never mind the fact that you're actually a 28-year-old female (like our deputy editor). And if at home (like her) you're into travel, jazz and world music, then of course you must be a 35 - 44 year old male.

Google, why you be so sexist?