Feb 07, 2017 8:31PM

Iconic Label Fiorucci Is Relaunching

Angel of mine.

Most of you will probably remember Fiorucci as the "have to have" fashion of your 14-year-old self, specifically a pair of cherubs that sat on the front of your fave t-shirt. What you may not know is that the iconic label has been around for a casual 40 years, and in that time was responsible for creating a lot more than covetable angel tees.

The label is ready to reinvent itself, and its new instagram account promises it's happening this year! Videos featuring sexy bums, put together by Idea, are asking you to "put 2016 behind you" — something we are all so ready to do.


The New York Fiorucci store was a popular zone for disco lovers of the 70s, with people like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol hosting events there on the reg. Take a look at its legacy w us:

Andy actually launched Interview mag at the store, here he is signing Brooke Shield's shirt in a pic by Franco Marabelli :O. 

Others that dug the label include Marc Jacobs, Cher, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Bacall and the list goes on. The brand also gets dropped in Sister Sledge's disco banger 'He's The Greatest Dancer' in the line, "Ooo, from his head down to his toes / Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci, he looks like a still / That man is dressed to kill".

Fiorucci been responsible for some pretty great campaign imagery form the 70s through to the 90s when it was bought out by Japanese group Edwin International.

RIP Elio, you absolute star. 

Photos: Courtesy, Facebook and Tumblr 

Hayley Morgan