Dec 08, 2014 11:47AM

Imaginary Dating Profile: Elle Brittain And Bee Beardsworth

'The Fashion Ashes' girls

River Island has launched its exclusive Southern Hemisphere Summer 15 campaign, 'The Fashion Ashes', which sees Aussie hottie and Oyster #105 gal Elle Brittain and British babe Bee Beardsworth model it out for the UK highstreet brand. We got the two legends to take our Imaginary Online Dating Profile to celebrate the ecommerce king's new line. Check out their answers below!

Quote to live by:
Elle: Laugh now, cry later
Bee: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad

Elle: 19
Bee: 19

Elle: Sydney
Bee: Your bed

Elle: Girls
Bee: Pick n' mix

Looking for:
Elle: A new puppy
Bee: Whatever the cat drags in

Elle: Professional Mannequin
Bee: Model/Artist/Writer/Animal Whisperer

Political Affiliations:
Elle: Pass
Bee: Your mum

Elle: Shoe shopping and spending money
Bee: Reading, exploring, partying, yoga, arts and crafts

Smoking habits:
Elle: Nope
Bee: If I can light it

Annoying traits:
Elle: Being too careless
Bee: Knowing I'm always right

Want children:
Elle: For Sure
Bee: I want a ZOO!

Drinking habits:
Elle: Too much chocolate milk
Bee: Cheap drunk with expensive taste

Elle: As much as I can, as long as I exercise
Bee: Food?

Religious beliefs:
Elle: There's a higher power
Bee: Ziggy Stardust

Elle: All music!
Bee: Is my life

Elle: I could of played AFL is I wasn't scouted first
Bee: I cheer for the winning team

Have/want pets:
Elle: I dog named Shadow and need more
Bee: Have 5, want hundreds

Celebrity crush:
Elle: FKA twigs
Bee: Rhianna

Perfect first date:
Bee: The Natural History Museum in London

Impress me by:
Elle: With your moves
Bee: Beating me at Cluedo

On our first date, wear:
Elle: Nothing formal
Bee: Your swag

Serenade me with:
Bee: The stories

Pick me up in your:
Elle: Mazeratti
Bee: Ford Mustang 1975

NEVER ask me:
Elle: To tell a secret, I don't have any
Bee: To eat avo

Pet hates:
Elle: People eating with their mouth open
Bee: Hypocrisy

Idea of a great relationship:
Elle: Trust and being able to spend time apart
Bee: Kate and Johnny

What I've learnt from past relationships:
Elle: Don't forget yourself!
Bee: Don't waste time unless it's amazing

Perfect birthday present:
Elle: Nike kicks
Bee: Art

Favourite YouTube:
Elle: Cats massaging each other
Bee: Zefrank1 “true facts”

Favourite website:
Elle: Instagram
Bee: Wikipedia

Favourite joke:
Elle: My little brother's jokes are the best
Bee: Would you like a raisin, or perhaps a date?

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Alexandra Godwin