Mar 08, 2017 10:19PM

IMDb Employs 'F Rating' So You Can Watch Films By Females All Day Everyday

Sister act.
Fans of laying down and looking at things smart women do, rejoice. Your go-to movie database IMDb has adopted a rating system that puts all that good stuff in one basket.
They've employed a rating, distinguished by the letter F for Female, that groups all films that are written, directed or star women. It's something that was created back in 2014 by Bath Film Festival director Holly Tarquini to "support women in film and change the stories we see on screen" — a system inspired by the Bechdel test, which determines whether a work of fiction features two or more women who can engage in convo about anything other than a man.
Rn IMDb has over 21,000 results after an 'F Rated' search. If you wanna get the most bang for your torrent, look out for the triple F rating - this means the film ticks all three criteria boxes. 
GIF: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan