Oct 20, 2014 10:06AM

Inflatable 'Tree' Vandalised By Parisian Douchebags

This is why we can't have nice things.
Apologies to contemporary art lovers and sex toy aficionados alike — you're beloved 24-foot Parisian 'tree' sculpture which is definitely not a tree, has been vandalised by one or more ignorant cretins who don't understand good art/butt plugs when they see 'em. 69-year-old artist Paul Mccarthy's inflatable work (the most recent in a long line of inflatable poo piles and chocolate Santas holding other styles of 'tree') was attracting some negative attention last week, with far-right French groups saying the work was 'humiliating' and crying a river in general.
Now, vandals have gone vigilante in the name of censorship and cut the lines holding 'Tree' in place and unplugged the pump — forcing it to topple over. Organisers of the FIAC contemporary art fair, which put on the exhibition, were then forced to dismantle the jolly butt plug tree, lest it became damaged. 
Allegedly, the artist was also slapped "three times in the face," over the weekend, by a man who yelled that Mccarthy "was not French and had no business in the square." The art fair plans to re-inflate the sculpture and presumably, hopes that people will stop being such douchebags re: butt plug themes. This is what we can't have nice things. 
Photo: Twitter/Martin Bureau/AFP