Apr 11, 2012 12:15PM

Inside Don Draper’s New Digs

New series, new wife, new house.
Don and Megan Draper enjoy their new pad.

Causing a massive bout of apartment-envy worldwide, fans have been given a cheeky look around the best apartment in the history of TV: that of Mad Men's Don Draper. The latest season of the show sees The Don trade his boring old house/wife (poor Betty) for his secretary Megan, along with a modern Manhattan apartment — although ‘modern’ might not be the right word seeing as it’s only 1966 in the crazy mixed-up universe of AMC's Mad Men, and Don’s only just got himself one of those fang-dangled new phones with the buttons you can push.

For us folks living in the present though, the apartment is a retro dream, featuring a palette of earthy brown tones, with splashes of bright primary colours. The pastel 50s hangover is now pretty much vanquished except for the front door, and it only took five seasons! The crib has all the trimmings of an expensive vintage bachelor-style pad, complete with sunken living room, revolving spice-rack, credenza and almost more shag-pile rugs than bottles of scotch. Jks! There’s way more scotch.

As the first episode of season five can attest to, the pad is great for entertaining, and even better for vacuuming in your underwear. Proud set-decorator for the show, Claudette Didul, says Don’s place is nestled in a "high-rise that feels like it was built in 1960, with a fascinating fireplace and a Case Study-style kitchen with two pass-through windows." Pass-through windows: the height of convenience.

If drooling over vintage furniture isn't your thing, why not try counting the chairs in Don's apartment? It seems the man's cray about chairs.

Photos: AMC