Jun 04, 2014 9:53AM

Instagram Morphs Into Photo Editing App

From mere filters to Photoshop-like functions.
Everything that could possibly be said about Instagram has already been said. From its close association with selfies, to its strong penchant for censorship and refusal to #freethenipple. But today the crazy-popular photo app has unveiled a bunch of changes that will see your photos of Amaro-slapped macaroons and Nashville sausage-legs looking prettier than ever. 
With the Instagram 6.0 update comes the option of adjusting brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, shadows, highlights, vignette, sharpness and filter strength. Coupled with Apple's iOS 8 update announcement yesterday, it's official — third party photo apps are dead.
As the company's director of product Peter Deng said, "All of us [at Instagram] are kind of photo geeks, but we're trying to bridge the gap between being a photo geek and the rest of the world," adding, "Instagram's always been about taking these tools that were previously inaccessible...and making them accessible for free for everyone that uses Instagram." 
Guess what else? It's available now! Go forth, selfie fiends. And use your new Instagram powers for good, not evil