Dec 03, 2013 9:59AM

Instagram To Get Private Messaging & Email

Possible roll-out of

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has already introduced email addresses to its users in a bid to keep everyone in the world on Facebook AT ALL TIMES, and now rumours are circulating about the Facebook-owned Instagram getting not only private messaging, but email address functionality before the year is through. 

A site called Techcrunch spoke to an anonymous source from an e-commerce company who made a request from a social networking data collection site. The site sent her a bunch of currently in-use Instagram email addresses and a lot of them had the pre-fix 
It could be that this is some kind of VIP internal Instagram function that won't be released to the public, but come on, as if they won't. Not when they have Snapchat (and Tinder) to contend with. We'll find out soon enough, but our money is on private messaging and an email service being optional with the next upgrade. Zuckerberg, amirite?