Feb 27, 2014 4:46PM

Installation on Reaction GIFs Curated By Reddit

Calling all expert internet guyz.
Such a priceless resource is the .GIF file extension. Fastidious web users, you know this. Encapsulating #feelings and #emotions far more succinctly than its common emoji counterpart (those are still excellent, though) GIFs are a cultural relic in the rich tapestry of digital spaces. 
Fitting, then, that God's GIF to the internet should be honoured by way of an installation at the Museum of the Moving Image. More precisely, the installation is a celebration of 'reaction GIFs' to be curated via Reddit — appropriate, given a significant portion of internet culture is birthed there. Redditors have appeased the request and offered up their favourite short loops/powerful weapons in lieu of language. 
Contributors seem incredibly invested in the project, as the detailed justification behind their choices shows e.g. "I use this to convey indecisiveness. I value your argument and want to agree with you, but I'm not prepared for the consequences of doing so. Or when having to choose between doing something morally good or right, and doing something you want to do." See Curb Your Enthusiasm episode 73 , called 'Palestinian Chicken.'"
"Jeremiah Johnson's simple nod of approval. It's a pretty nice thing to be presented with, as it conveys sincere pride or support to the recipient. No gimmick, no attention-grabbing joke or attitude."
"What I feel like when I am completely and utterly defeated and wish to express this existential state in a slightly humorous manner, so as to physically represent these feelings in a way that other people may witness"
Do you have more obscure, complex or revelatory feelings to convey? Submit yourself here.
P.S. This hard 'g' business is a terrible spot of nonsense: