Mar 22, 2012 12:00AM

Interview: Rumi Neely

The Fashion Toast blogger / model is currently in Australia; we give her a pop quiz.

Earlier this morning we met up with Rumi Neely and gave her a good old-fashioned pop quiz. The Fashion Toast blogger-come-model is here in Australia for the first time ever, as part of the Miss Shop Blogger Project in collaboration with Pedestrian. The LA-native was picked as one of fifteen bloggers to be photographed wearing pieces from Miss Shop's AW12 collection, and will make her first public appearance in Melbourne at Myer's Miss Shop this Saturday (March 24) from 2pm. She'll be meeting fans and doing a styling session, and the event is free and open to everyone. She's really nice so you should head along (#girlcrush).

Ingrid Kesa: Okay, first up, what's your favourite Australian label?
Rumi Neely: Lover. Everything is so beautiful and ethereal. Each piece feels so special.

What's your favourite movie, wardrobe-wise?
I really love Great Expectations with Gwyneth from the nineties. The whole aesthetic is so dreamy; at once minimal and quite a statement. It's my go-to film.

What's your worst or weirdest habit?
I kind of perch instead of sitting. I never really noticed before, but I'm always tangled up on a chair until someone points out that I look like a contorted mess.

What do you want to be remembered for in regards to your career?
I guess for showing people that you don't have to have crazy amounts of funds to put together something that looks unique and memorable, and to be known for having a certain type of look.

What was the last song you listened to?
Fleet Foxes. There's a song called 'Tiger Mountain Pheasant something-or-other'. I was feeling melancholy this morning but I've since improved.

If you had to eat one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I feel like I should say Japanese [Rumi is half-Japanese] but I'm so spoiled living in LA with the availability of vegan and raw everything. I also love juices. Beverly Hills Juice all the way!

You get to spend 24 hours with anyone - dead or alive. Who do you choose and why?
Andy Warhol. I like the way his brain works and the way he notices the most awkward things about situations and people, and I would love to observe that first hand and be there for that time period in his heyday in the sixties and seventies. He was the Karl Lagerfeld of that time. He would make these ridiculous generalisations that are kind of true, but also like, "What the hell? You shouldn't be saying that".

What do you spend most of your money on besides clothes?
Whole Foods. It's a grocery store with organic options for pretty much everything and it has a really good beauty section too. They pretty much just eat my money!

What three things would your dream house have?
Let's have Cher's revolving closet from Clueless. How would that not make anyone's life that much better? I'd also have some kind of ranch element. Horses could be handy; I want to be able to horseback ride better. Maybe an offsite bungalow that was built over water and you could look through the glass floor and see fish.

What animal would you want to be reincarnated as?
I feel like I can't say a horse because I just mentioned them. I think it would be kind of lonely to be a bird... Flying would be alright, though. I'd be a Pegasus; a hybrid animal.

What's your favourite t-shirt that you own?
This really gross Nirvana one that I got at some trashy store that's perfectly worn-in and disgusting.

Britney or Beyonce?
Britney. I'm committed. Everyone loves Beyonce but Britney has her own thing.

She's been through so much.
Yeah, dude! So many props!

Images courtesy of Fashion Toast