Jun 17, 2016 4:36PM

Introducing 10 Cool People From Oyster #108: The Origins Issue

Who's who.

For Oyster #108: The Origins Issue, we asked some of our favourite photographers to take some portraits of some of our favourite humans. The ten chosen ones include musicians Tory Lanez and Tommy Genesis, skater Nakel Smith, graphic designer/Palace Skateboards dude Fergus Purcell, actor Alyssa Sutherland, and many professionally good-looking people aka models. 

We asked them some quick Qs about their origins, which you will discover the answers to by scrolling through the gallery above. 

1. Photo by Max Doyle, casting by Coco Adorjany. Raenee wears her own clothes.
2. Photo by Matt Adam. Tory wears his own clothes.
3. Photo by Vinna Laudico, fashion & casting by Anna Santangelo. Morgan wears Double Disco earrings and her own knit.
4. Photo by Max Doyle. Fergus wears his own clothes.
5. Photo by Rene Vaile. Lili at Next Models wears her own swimsuit.
6. Photo by Vinna Laudico, casting by Anna Santangelo. Ian wears his own clothes.
7. Photo by Max Doyle, make-up Sabrina Bedrani at The Wall Group, hair Mara Roszak at Starworks Artists. Alyssa wears her own top and jewellery.
8. Photo by Vinna Laudico, casting by Anna Santangelo. Rachel at Elite NY wears her own t-shirt.
Photo by Curtis Buchanan. Nakel wears his own clothes.
Photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch. Tommy wears her own clothes.