Oct 01, 2015 12:55PM

Introducing: Low Life, The Space Punk Kings Of Sydney

Space/sports/thug punk to be specific.

Low Life has been making music for the past four years but it's likely that you don't know much about Sydney's only space/sports/thug punk band. But if you do, you've probably been to every one of their shows. Cristian O'Sullivan, Greg Alfaro and Mitch Tolman are the guys who make up the band, whose rare releases and shows have kept their diehard fans going over the last couple of years.

Low Life recently dropped a new video for the track 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S', so we hit up frontman Mitch to find out what he was like in high school and what his ideal date would be (and his answers will probably make you wanna date him).

Name: Mitchell James Tolman

Nickname: "SALMON"

Where are you from and where are you currently living? 
I'm From Bundanoon, Southern Highlands in the south-west of Sydney. [And I live in] Redfern ATM.

What were you into in high school?
I went to a budget boarding school in Goulbourn [for years] seven — nine. In those years: amateur boxing, food fights, drinking Bundaberg rum and throwing shoes at sleeping priests. All the other years: girls/boys, drinking, uppers/downers, The Cure, MBV, The Velvet Underground. I dropped out in year eleven and moved to KX.

Can you describe your music in five words?  
LAD LIFE, THUG LIFE, PUNK L4 — 51/2 words. Actually these days, it's more "SPACE/SPORTS/THUG PUNK". 

If you could have any animal was a pet, what would you choose?
I'm happy with my all-black, gorgeous cat STIMPY. But if I had the proper facilities, a giraffe. 

What scares you most?
Snakes. Being OK with having no ambition in life/being OK with failure. Also, my rage blackouts from a kid recurring as an adult and consequentially having to do time and becoming a play-toy for degenerates. 

Who's your dream musical collab? 
No secret here: Rihanna, Nigel Yang, Kevin Shields and ECCO2K1, all of them for different reasons. 

What's the best YouTube you've ever seen?
I'd love be OK with saying, 'The Ultimate Knockout Clips/ Street Fighting clips'. But then I get this wave of depression that washes over me watching people get their heads kicked in in a Burger King. But I guess, this is what we are now. To bring my serotonin levels up, I'll watch that women stomping the grapes. She trys to cheat, falls, she implodes on the side of this wharf and then for some reason her voice sounds like she has smoked one million cigarettes and has to have one of those weird futuristic voice boxes.

What's you favourite soundtrack? 
Obviously Lost in Translation coz Kevin did most of that. I liked The Social Network — one of Trent Reznor's better moments. Obviously Van Gelis — Blade Runner, that's obviously one of the best. I like the Tron Soundtrack, even though I'm not a huge Daft Punk fan, but it was entertaining through the Dolby Digital sound of Hotys, Bondi Junction.

Can you describe your ideal date? 
God, I'm celibate eleven months ATM but I had a Tinder date that was nice with this girl called "Gia". We met up and had a coffee in Redfern Park, and walked to her class and we just talked. That was nice. We never spoke again, but I think that was because either I told her too much, or she told me too much about herself. I'm OK with never knowing, I like it for [some] reason.

What are you top three sexy times tracks?
Bones — 'Protein'

GTB Compilation

Rihanna — 'Pour It Up'

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Anything but my dad.

Photos: Sam Stephenson

Lucy Jones