Apr 08, 2015 10:04AM

Inventor Of Christmas Mariah Carey Is Making A Christmas Movie

It's a Christmas miracle!

Is all you want for Christmas a Mariah Carey Christmas movie? Well, your prayers are about to be answered because the pop princess is organising just that. Mariah approached her mate Brett Ratner (who's worked on Prison Break and Horrible Bosses, and is one half of film financing company RatPac), with the idea of making a movie about Christmas, starring herself, because Hollywood.

According to initial reports, "The holiday is at the film's centre, along with a theme of how the power of music can transport you back in time to your truest and most authentic feelings."

The film will undoubtedly borrow some themes from Mariah's 1993 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' video, which she directed and filmed herself. In the clip, Mariah wears festive red clothing, unwraps bunny rabbits and hangs out in the snow with a shopping centre Santa.

At a time like this, we can't help but think about all the beautiful things Mariah has brought to the world:

This banger feat. all the silky outfits and fluttering eyelashes.

This lyric:
"I came to have a party
Open up the Bacardi
Feeling so hot tamale"

How she was the human embodiment of glitter.

That time she turned a Mean Girls quote into a song.

That time she was #beautiful.

But ultimately, the best thing that Mariah Carey has given the world is this:
Photos and GIFs: Tumblr 

Lucy Jones