Sep 18, 2014 4:35PM

World Invents David Bowie Day! Let's Celebrate!

Let's dance.

Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel has declared that 23 September shall forever more be known as David Bowie Day! He describes Bowie as "an undisputed global icon boasting a catalogue of 26 critically acclaimed studio albums" who has "bridged cultures and faiths while both transcending and fortifying the music, art, fashion & design and theatrical canons." True dat!

The news comes as a new book Bowie by Wendy Leigh launches, detailing Bowie's amazing sex life, which (as you probably know) includes trysts with Mick Jagger, his ex-wife Bianca Jagger, Charlie Chaplin's widow Oona O'Neill/Chaplin, and the world's sexiest woman Susan Sarandon. Also, according to the book, Bowie and his ex-wife Angie Bowie named the fur-lined bed in their lounge room "the pit"! 

As French legend Amanda Lear told us in Oyster #98, "David Bowie was the best ... David Bowie was good in bed, I must say! He's very creative, very imaginative, you know? [Laughs] The problem was that when he would sleep over here he was making my pillows dirty, because he didn't remove his make-up before he went to bed. But he was great — he was really good in bed.Read her full interview here! 

Here's some fun footage of Amanda and David practicing their lines for a project together at the Marquee Club in London, 1973: 

Anyway, we digress. Happy David Bowie Day everybody!