Sep 10, 2014 9:54AM

It's Official: God Loves Gays

This billboard in the Westboro Baptist Church's home town proves it.
Legend has it that Kurt Cobain used to graffiti the phrase 'God Is Gay' onto vehicles in his home town of Aberdeen and now God himself* is taking on the revolutionary spirit with some roadside messages of his own. You might already follow the big guy upstairs on Facebook. He has almost two million followers, and they've got together to pay for a billboard for him. Although it's more for the haters — the $50,000 dollar billboard (with an extra $22,000 going to National Alliance to End Homelessness) has been erected in the Topeka, home town of the "God hates fags" spouting homophobic zealots, the Westboro Baptist Chuch. 
Hooray! Look how positive and upbeat it is. And the best part is, it was his FB follower's collective idea. He asked them, "what would you most like to see your Lord do?" And the resounding response was "put up a billboard trolling the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas!" And that they did.

As spokesperson from the church told Mashable, "Thank God for that lying billboard! Every soul that sees it will either rejoice for the lie and the vain hope of afflicting the servants of God at WBC," adding, "Or, they will sigh and mourn for that awful sin and all the parts of it, knowing that every single soul that weighed in with money or words, in favor of that lying billboard, will stand before God in the Judgment, so very ashamed. Knowing also, that when they stand before God in the judgment, it will be TOO LATE for repentance, and eternal torment will follow." At which God smiled and said, "I love Gays!" Thank you Based God.
*Atheists, just play along.