May 14, 2012 4:02PM

James Franco's 'Rebel' Exhibition Opens in LA

He takes on old Hollywood and James Dean at MOCA.
'Brad Renfro Forever' by James Franco. (We liked it even more when we thought it just said RAD.)

Triple threat actor / artist / author James Franco combines his talents and teases out the tension between old and new Hollywood in an exhibition based on the cult classic Rebel Without a Cause. The exhibition — Rebel — premiered in 2011 at the Venice Biennale and has just opened at LA's Musuem of Contemporary Art.

Presented by Gucci, the group show packs an all-star cast with video installation, photographs, paintings and sculptures Terry Richardson, Harmony Korine, Damon and Paul McCarthy, Ed Ruscha, Douglas Gordon, Aaron Young and also by James himself. The works reinterpret the main characters and locations from the film in an homage to James Dean, motorcycle culture, and the rebels of the 50s — history's coolest rebels by far.

This is the second time James Franco has adopted the James Dean persona in the name of art since starring in the 2001 award-winning TV biopic.

'Rebel' by Ed Ruscha, (2011).
Production still from 'Grapevine' by Aaron Young, (2011).

Clip from Harmony Korine's 'Caput' (2011).
Rebel runs at MOCA until June 23 is accompanied by a book of featured works authored by James Franco.