May 21, 2015 11:47AM

Jay Z Did Actually Pay Marina Abromović, Her Institute Says Sorry


After Marina Abromović told the world she was very pissed at Jay Z for "using" her in his 'Picasso Baby' video, her Institute has had to awkwardly inform her (and the world) that he actually didn't use her after all.

Marina was pretty peeved because she thought Jay never followed through on his promise to pay her in exchange for her contribution to the project. Turns out he did, but for some reason Marina never got the memo.

The Marina Abromović Institute has issued an apology to Jay Z and Marina for failing to inform her of the substantial donation Jay made.

A New York art dealer also spoke out in Jay's defence saying that she had a receipt from his donation. Marina's slip up is a lesson to us all, talk to your eponymous institute before airing your angry feels to the media. 

Lucy Jones