Jun 27, 2011 12:00AM

Jeremy Kost's Polaroid Collages

Hopefully Kost is finally making bank 'cos Polaroid film doesn't come cheap.

With fashion's gender-bending obsession in full swing there couldn't be a better time for Jeremy Kost to publish a book of party Polaroids. Best known for his snaps of glittery Pittsburgh drag queens and half naked male models, Kost is also one of the pioneers of New York's party photography scene. However his CV hasn't always been so enterprising, when he first started taking photographs he was still working as a manager for an Internet company in Washington, so the fact the title of his debut book was taken from a fortune cookie is rather fitting.

It's Always Darkest Before Dawn 8 Kost's signature style polaroids of infamous club-kids and underground icons like Amanda Lepore and Ladyfag. The images are blown up and pieced back together to capture each and every oily shadow of his male muse's six pack - Kost explains "I used to be 250 pounds, so I obviously tend to scrutinise bodies."

Polaroid collages are the main focus of It's Always Darkest Before Dawn, the unique process of collage allows Kost to manipulate the seen and unseen elements of each portrait, disguising the flaws of his subjects while accentuating their more dramatic 8. Each close-up image is constructed from around 20 different Polaroid pictures.

The gritty energy of Jeremy Kost's photographs have also made him a firm fixture on the backstage fashion photography scene, where his passion for blonde Aussie babes rivals his love for Pittsburgh trannies:

Words: Hannah Ongley