Oct 17, 2014 4:39PM

John Kilar's New Orleans

Snapshots from the South.
Photographer John Kilar's been everywhere, man. He's documented his nomadic travels through Seattle, San Francisco, New York and more — meeting some amazing characters along the way. Recently, he's been through the enigmatic New Orleans. See his photos above and a quick account of his time in Louisiana, below! 
New Orleans is fucking awesome! I went down there in August while it was incredibly hot, humid and swampy. It feels like you're walking around a movie set during the day. There's so many abandoned buildings that are tagged up and look like they're about to rot. 
You can tell most people are going through hardship, but they happen to be quite festive regardless. Everything is super DIY here. I made friends and stayed with a group of righteous queerdos. 
We did a lot of urban exploration, twerked to bounce music, checked out a few of the eerie cemeteries, squats, abandoned malls and schools, and got weird in the French Quarter. I can’t wait to go back someday — especially for Halloween and Mardi Gras. 
Photos/words: John Kilar