Oct 23, 2013 1:51PM

John Kilar's New York

A summer series by our favourite nomad.

We've interviewed photographer and nomadic gentleman, John Kilar, once before and we talked about Snoop Dogg, shooting for Vice's DOs/DONTs and hanging out on the boardwalk at Venice Beach. Since then, he's been travelling heaps and shooting everything and everyone he meets along the way. Here, he tells us about his New York City series, shot over summer. Thanks mate! 

"The series covers my adventures in NYC and Brooklyn over the summer. I got there right in the beginning of the heat wave. It was an interesting few weeks as it was the first city I took on after deciding to become a full time nomad. I was at the Rainbow Gathering right before I got there, so it was quite the shift in energy. I spent most of my time skating around the city and exploring. Collaborated on a few projects with friends and scoped out the art and music scene. Im always fascinated by the architecture and street art whenever I head that way. My fondest memories were hanging out in union square and dancing with the Hare Krishna folk, since they were the happiest people I could find in the city. I found myself making conscious efforts to spend as much of my time in nature as I could."


Photos: John Kilar