Jan 13, 2014 2:54PM

John Kilar's San Francisco

"I couldn't stop moving."

Photographer John Kilar has been on the move since he last contributed a series of images from New York. The nomadic guy's been busy with both fashion and personal projects since we last spoke, but most of all, he's been wandering. This time, exploring San Francisco. He tells us about his time there.

"My San Francisco adventure began when I ran into my homegirl whom I had gone to Montana with in the summer. We were in Venice and she mentioned that her and our other friend were driving up North to go to a bluegrass festival.
I had been wanting to go too and needed a ride, so I was stoked to tag along. I didn't wanna get stuck on the beach for too long. I was a full on nomad at this point and couldn't stop moving. I started running out of money while waiting to be paid for a previous gig. That's when the real fun began. I ended up crashing in random art collectives, RV's, parks and squats. All sorts of weirdness. Lurking the mission by night and making memories on Haight during the day. Met some amazing travellers and went on all kinds of adventures. These photos are a documentation of random moments I encountered around the city of San Francisco. I eventually ended up on a psychedelic short bus and then traveled along the coast with friends for the next few months — up until quite recently. Memories for days." 
Photos: John Kilar