Mar 09, 2017 2:19PM

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Pop-Up Stores Are Coming To Aus!

Bury me in Bieber.

The Biebz touched down in Australia this week and he's already hit up Perth skating hotspot Leederville Skate Park. Shredding! The stylish guy is here for a string of Purpose Tour shows and he's brought dat trendy merch with him.

Bieber's Metallica-inspired merchandise will be available at Sydney and Melbourne pop-up stores next week, so call your best fuccboi friend and get down there! The stores are popping up at Sneakerboy in Sydney from Wednesday March 15-17, and in Melbourne from March 10-12. Inside, you'll find hoodies emblazoned with heavy metal fonts and t-shirts decorated with pensive Bieber faces. Iconic.

Check out the flyer below for all your essential Purpose Tour merch info.

Photo: Ava Nirui

Lucy Jones