Oct 15, 2014 3:09PM

Karen Walker Eyewear's Retrospective Collection

Celebrating the label's tenth birthday.
The cult that is Karen Walker Eyewear is celebrating its tenth birthday this year. In keeping with the brand's flawless history of giving the people what they want (and what they didn't even know they wanted), a golden metallic limited capsule collection is being released featuring iconic frames from past collections. This is ripe for the picking, guys. This is not a drill. We quickly spoke with the birthday girl to ask her a few questions about her legacy and inspirations to celebrate.
Jerico Mandybur: How does it feel to be turning 10?
Karen Walker: We feel very young.
How would you sum up your legacy thus far?
I guess we've shown that people want to wear interesting things.
What did you set out to achieve in designing eyewear and do you think you've accomplished this?
We wanted to create the kind of product that excites us, and yes! I'm still excited by this product every day.
Can you describe your new collection in 5 words?
Celebration! That sums it up.
What keeps you inspired?
Good ideas.