Apr 12, 2017 6:54AM

Kate Bush Didn't Want To Hang Out Coachella Anyway, You Guys

In unfathomable news yesterday, we learned that there was a conversation between Coachella's Paul Tollet and William Morris Endeavor's Marc Geiger the alluded to the fact that Kate Bush was an option for Coachella. Of course the unfathomable bit was when Paul said no to Kate because the Coachella crowd wouldn't "understand it".
Kind of true, as many internet people pointed out that Coachella goers are twits, but a strange story nonetheless.
Anyway, enter Kate Bush's people. They've offered a statement for the whole debacle, which basically says Kate Bush was never despo to be at Coachella anyway. "It was never Kate's intention to play any more shows than she did in London," a spokesperson said in a statement. "The show was conceived for a very specific type of venue. No discussions were ever had with Kate about playing any festival, including Coachella."
That's that then.

Hayley Morgan