Nov 01, 2013 12:34PM

Kenzo's Kalifornia Skate Park Launch

Handbags meet girl sk8ters.

Designers of French label Kenzo, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, are really big on the surfer-skater LA vibes right now. Their recent collection in Paris featured bucket hats, neoprene, and slogan tees that said things like "No fish, no nothing." In other words, the sk8 references were plentiful. Now Kenzo's taking things further by launching a complementary style of super-luxe handbag called the Kalifornia. 

The design duo got a face full of inspiration when they recently road tripped from Berkely to LA, taking photos of the bag in every tourity spot they could think of. On the Fashionista "Because it’s Kenzo, [the bag] has its own Parisian aesthetic, but it also has an ease to it [that is very California]," adding, "When we were designing and looking at leathers, we kept looking at our leather jackets, thinking about the different weights and textures of them, and there was definitely inspiration there."
The handbag just launched in an LA skatepark, which was full of famous people mingling with a bunch of skater girls, who literally rolled over the dinner tables that celebrities and special guests were sitting around. Needless to say, the guests were an appropriate mixture of impressed and shitting themselves.
Photos: Aleks Kocev