Aug 05, 2015 10:55AM

Kevin Bacon Wants More Gratuitous Male Nudity In Hollywood

Free the bacon.

Old mate Kevin Bacon has spoken out about sexism in Hollywood in a public service announcement that calls for more male nudity in film and television. In the overly earnest video, Kevin announces that it's time for actors to "free their bacon" and he would like people to stop telling him to put his pants on. 

He also offers to play a naked wizard on Game of Thrones and calls out My Dog Skip and Fifty Shades of Grey for failing to feature enough bacon (Kevin's or otherwise). We're sure he'd approve of Lenny Kravitz's misshap that's making the rounds of the internet this morning. 

The video reaches peak stupidity when semi-exposed Kevin attempts to storm out of the room after being told his ideas are not good.
Lol no, Kevin. 

Photo: Tumblr

Lucy Jones