Dec 16, 2014 10:08AM

Kim Kardashian Angers Internet By Cropping North Out Of Selfie

We're not saying Kim Kardashian is infallible, but calm down, internet. After the world's most famous butt Instagrammed a picture of herself last night (in which her precious compass bb, North was cropped out), online haters and fans alike were all "How COULD you?!" and "To your own CHILD??" about it.
For someone who calls her daughter her "best friend" and Instagrams her constantly (including a bunch of times that day), it's a lot of criticism for not Instagramming her just one time.
Proving that being a mother is a really hard thing to do no matter what rung on the social ladder you hang from, the reactions to Kim's social media use re: North West is "you lose some, you lose some," as TIME put it. If she never takes pictures of her child it will be seen as neglectful and selfish. If she does, it will be exploitative and reckless. 
Eitherway, her every move is going to be read as symptomatic of a narcissistic rich lady. Still, it's entertaining to think about why she cropped this particular photo. Maybe North didn't have enough hair gel? IDK.