Dec 19, 2013 4:27PM

Know Your Trends: Our Favourite Meme Moments of 2013

Mel Kenny's good times, great classic memes.

Today is Thursday and everyone knows that on Thursdays we must #throwback. 2014 is also encroaching. So, let us pop bottles, throw back extra hard and reflect on some of the virality, media moments and meme dreams that made 2013 the fun time that it was.

Best Divisive Superhuman: Kanye West
He of immeasurable talent but also immeasurable ego and inability to think things before he actually says them, really got a lot done this year. Not sure where to start, but perhaps here: "I am Warhol. I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney, Nike, Google. Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney. Nike. Google" — Kanye West, 2013. 
Also, the time he suggested to Jimmy Kimmel, "Put yourself in my shoes… Oh no, that means you would have gotten too much good pussy in your life." Is the man a God, as his song 'I Am A God' would suggest? Unsure. He did, however, make an album (Yeezus) that forced everyone's eyeballs out their heads. So enigmatic is Kanye that even Lou Reed said "No one's near doing what he's doing, it's not even on the same planet." He also made a beautiful, beautiful music video for closing track 'Bound 2' and if that's not moving you, we might have a problem here.  
Best Aussie LegendJames' Mate Clinton
Old m8 Clinton got wasted, got behind the wheel, got busted, then got bloody famous as. Thank you Clinton, you are a scintillating testament to the profound cultural melting pot that this country is. Seriously though, that was funny when you did that thing on TV.  
"James. J-J-J-James"
Best Approach To 'Dropping' An Album: Beyonce — 'Beyonce'

If 'dropping' is a thing that music people like to say, and dropping things is generally an unforeseen, accidental act — this is merely business as usual. More likely, however, is Beyonce was sucked up to heaven so she could sit her thonged butt on a fluffy cloud and fucking drawwwp that album down to earth, at midnight US East Coast time, to a mandatory reception of humanity bowing down. The fourteen-song, seventeen-video visual album came into fruition but five days ago. Did you bow yet? Edit: My not fully-seasoned eyes and ears have just one critique so far and that is the lines, "surfboard, surfboard." :|
Best Versatile, Transcendental, Rarely Not Funny Meme: Doge 
The idea to merge a chuffed looking dog with the world's most hated font and some philosophical internal monologue is nothing if not much genuis. 
Best Fantasy Couple As Realised Momentarily Via Music Video: A$AP Rocky 4 Rihanna
She's a fashion killa and he's a trendy something — I don't need to hear anymore. This is the single most infuriating display of unrequited love I have ever quietly pondered on. Chanel Iman, Chris Brown — GTFO of here. 
Best Example Of Animal Exploitation For LOLs: Cats Wearing Tights
Easy to create at home. Here's one someone on the internet prepared earlier. And another. Try it yourself, Neil from Art Attack might say. 
Best Optical Illusion x Petition to Oblierate This Fucked-Up Breed Of Selfie: Hot Dog Legs
Not sure if mysterious quasi-meat or provocative leg selfie intended to recreate maxxed out chilling and relaxation times. In one case; mmm tasty. In the other; I am mentally categorising you among cretins and other lower rungs of society. In any case, though, very clever.
Best At Invading Every Waking Minute of Your Life: Miley Cyrus
The VMA Awards. That tongue. That saliva-coated hammer. That ball that wrecked any hope of a multifaceted newsfeed. 'Iconic' is human descriptor I'm comfortable with, if the awarded subject has spawned this many fascinations, appropriations and grandparents who know what twerking is. 
Best Mythical Booty: Kim Kardashian
If you cropped this picture in just the right way you might think, "that is the most succulent peach I ever saw." But LOL no, that's just KK's gargantuant ass, you guys. Posted several months after the Kimye spawn was birthed, this made the cut because I've been eating a lot of stone fruit and if #datass is called to mind during such, Kim is influential. 
Cheers to a weird, but exciting 2013.