Nov 06, 2015 11:20AM

Korean High School Student Sings Adele Better Than Adele, Internet Freaks Out

Hello world, this is me.

Prepare to be blown away, get goosebumps, tear up a smidge etc. This rendition of Adele's 'Hello' — by a school gal who looks around 14, no less — is actually so beautiful. And we do not use that term lightly…

Not sure what you guys were doing in school, but it probably wasn't being better at being Adele than Adele herself. Upon discovering this srsly good cover, the internet/Reddit users had a good ol' fashion freakout, because how could you not?

Here's our top 3 picks of the Reddit melts:

@LitterReallyAngersMe: "I am impressed with a lot of covers I see, but this one blew me the fuck away."

@RicRod: "Damn her second time through the chorus she invoked her inner Shakira."

@neuroglias: "I finally feel this song."

You can feel the song/some feelings below:

Am ded. Goodbye.  

Photo: YouTube. 

Madeleine Woon