Jun 08, 2017 7:39PM

Kym Ellery On Returning To Oz And Celebrating Mega Milestones

Avant-garde superwoman and master of Australian design, Kym Ellery, has been back in Oz for less than a month and she's totally hit the ground running. Kym returned to Australia from her base in Paris to celebrate Ellery's upcoming 10th anniversary with a retrospective reception at MBFWA that celebrated the brand's most iconic designs from the past 10 years. To finish her trip, she also launched her flagship Ellery store in Paddington: an important moment for a brand with international acclaim, but humble Australian beginnings.
Ellery also unveiled the Spring 17 campaign (above) featuring Oyster cover star and model, Harleth Kuusik, shot on film by Kym herself and digital by long-time collaborator, Darren McDonald. Inspired by the rise of positive subculture, everything about this campaign encompasses Ellery's duality: decadent yet minimal, masculine yet feminine, dark yet contrasting light. We caught up with Kym to discuss her Paddington launch and what Ellery's 10 years means for the brand's future. 
Congratulations the launch of the new Paddington store last night - is this a special one for you? 
Very special. It was so rewarding to see our garments, shoes and jewellery in a space that perfectly complements the collections. Having family and friends of the brand to celebrate was the perfect finale to my Sydney trip. 
Artist Holly Fewson was live painting, with long-term Ellery collaborator and Oyster contributor Kitty Callaghan working with us both on the fun social snaps from the night - why is it important for Ellery to be surrounded by creatives from different mediums? 
We are fortunate enough to have collected a brilliantly talented extended-family for Ellery. I spend 95% of my time working, so it seems like the natural choice to work with the ones I love.
What motivated you to return and focus on Australia?
To officially open our new Flagship boutique and celebrate our Ten Year milestone with the people that have been along for the entire journey. 
How is it being back in Australia? 
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I really appreciate the natural beauty of Australia when I return. I'm actually in awe. I spent a weekend up at Patonga with a group of friends and couldn't get over how good-looking it is here. 
After spending so much time overseas and now being back, what is your opinion on the contemporary design-scape of Australian fashion?
There is a lot of experimental newness emerging, which is exciting. It feels very unique and inspired; not derivative of their European, or American counter-parts. I always appreciate Australian Designers lightness and innate sense of humour, when it comes to their aesthetic and inspirations.
What's the best Ellery party story? 
We don't party and tell.
You have stated how the campaign 'was inspired by those who influence the rise of positive subculture.' Can you elaborate on how this and how its reflected in the campaign? 
Rebels, Poets and Thinkers. It is about questioning authority and subverting main-stream ideology. This is seen in the deconstructed tailoring and putting twists on conventional pieces
We ~obviously~ love the campaign star (Oyster 110 cover star Harleth Kuusik) - how did this come about? 
Harleth embodies the Ellery woman. Unique, Intelligent, nonchalant and cheekbones. 
Do you have any special plans for Ellery's near future?
To continue to build the world of Ellery by introducing new categories. We recently launched footwear and jewellery and we are looking forward to launching leather goods, once the time is ripe. 
A few fun and quick questions on the SS17 collection…
If it was a colour: perriwinkle
If it was a mood: elated
If it was an animal: eagle
If it was a language: the language of love
If it was a place: Arkansas
If it was a time: Right. On. Time.
If it was a song: Islands in the Stream
If it was a season: Last Resort
If it was a food: Wasabi
If it was a famous person: Wanda Jackson
If it was a smell: Tobacco and leather
If it was a texture: patent
If it was a quote: stab and steer
If it was a film: wild at heart
Photos: Courtesy
Interview: Alexandra Manatakis