May 14, 2010 12:00AM

Lagerfeld's Latest

If you hadn't already heard, Saint Tropez is home to all that's glimmery and glamerous. So it goes without saying that no other playground of luxury seems more appropriate for Karl Lagerfeld's latest short-film Remember Now. The most recent installment 8 French actor Pascal Greggory arm in arm with Elisa Sednaoui and a parade of models at their partying best; intoxicated with drink and dance. Lagerfeld indulges in the voyeurism of one whose years outnumber the sum of his onscreen stars, as if reminiscing about lost youth. There's nothing like one extra-extravagant perfume commercial to feed our lust for a life more lavish. Bon apetite! Written by Nic Burdekin. View the rest of the film below.