Aug 17, 2016 7:10AM

Lana Del Rey's Bouncy Track About Sexting Has Leaked

You up?
While we patiently wait for Lana Del Rey to give us feelings in our hearts with a Honeymoon follow up, we can do nothing but bask in the dappled sunlight that is her demo leaks. Today we get a hella poppy ode to her Blackberry messenger, 'BBM Baby'.
According the Popcrush, the track was written pre-Born To Die, with the help of Penguin Prison. The track is super sunny and sharp, despite having the expected lo-fi feel of a demo, and retains a sense of LDR's ~retro~ vibe. 
Casual Lana sleaze isn't lost on the preppy bubblegum beat, either. The lyrics are absolutely about sexting on her Blackberry, "I be BBM'ing you / Telling you / All the things I'm gonna do to you / When you get home baby / Making up then yellin oo / Nothing I would rather do / Than flirting talkin' dirt to you." And that lil "my heart goes yay" line is a real doozy.

Hayley Morgan