Aug 05, 2011 12:00AM

Land of Milk and Vuitton

Haute honey.

Urban beekeeping isn't only environmentally sustainable, it's cool - just ask the Melbourne Rooftop Honey collective... or Louis Vuitton. In 2009 the luxury brand installed a trio of beehives on the roof of its headquarters in Paris. Since then, the nesting site has been home to some 200 000 bees. Now, the first fruits of LV's labour are available in the form of Miel la Belle Jardiniere (that's French for 'The Beautiful Gardener'). The haute honey comes in a hexagonal box that 8 some of LV's signature symbols and the validating tag line, 'Produit a Paris par Louis Vuitton' (Produced in Paris by Louis Vuitton). But don't think you'll be spreading the sweet stuff on your frozen pop-tarts anytime soon - the couture condiment is available in limited quantities and will be distributed as gifts to high-society friends of the house.

If you do want a taste of the honey buzz, Louis Vuitton flagships across the globe have new shop displays entitled As Sweet As Honey. Look out for monogrammed leather goods swarming in golden bees and stilletto heels dripping in liquid gold.