Jul 06, 2010 12:00AM

Last Week, Best Dressed

Every week, we will (try to) bring you the best of what's on the Oyster site in one succinct list. Here goes...

1. imboycrazy's Alexi Wasser, featured in Oyster's June/July issue, recently produced a truly amazing break-up video for one uber-unlucky 'Eric', and we couldn't help but share it with you. We've watched this at least a billion times... Click here to watch and weep.

2. Petit Mal! creator Shane Sakkeus has a unique eye for runway trends, and this week, we found out that Smoking is so FW10.

3. We love The Dandy Warhols - we always have - but we didn't know that Bowie does too. The Dandy Warhols' drummer/vocalist Brent DeBoer talks heroes like Bowie, beverages, babies and tripping balls. Click here to read more, and don't forget to get dandy with our Dandy Warhols' CD giveaway!

4. Why so serious fancy pants? We loved the printed bottoms at Roberto Cavalli's Spring Summer menswear show. Click here to see more of Sonny Vandevelde's backstage photography.

5. Ziad Ghanem received a standing ovation when he presented his collection at London Fashion Week in February, and we were lucky enough to bring you the first look at his most recent lookbook. In our interview, he discussed pub pickup lines, Madonna, his mummy and penguins... Take a peek for yourself!

6. Sydney-born designer Jordan Askill has been turning heads lately with his beautifully ornate helmets (featured in Oyster's June/July issue). He's just won a spot amongst London's finest in the NEWGEN awards, and we caught up with him to him to find out more. Click here!

7. As usual, Oyster keeps you stylin' with our regular coverage of this season's slamming sales. Last week, we recommended you get Goot!

8. We love the frivolity of the fashion world, but fashion with a conscience is even better, right? We love Country Road's latest bid to make the world a better place, even if it does mean they get a little cross. Click here to read more.

9. Finally, did you check out our cover shoot with the uber-beautiful and oh-so-lippy Charlotte Kemp Muhl? It's not fair, is it girls? It's just Another Day in the USA for the girl who red, white and blue us all away.