Jul 21, 2015 1:17PM

Leave Daria Alone, Lena Dunham

She's doing just fine.

Today's episode of Sick Sad World is brought to you by Lena Dunham, who's doing what she does best and is rousing the opinions of thousands of people on the internet. This time her comments are about Daria, the 90s icon that encapsulated deadpan wittiness and disinterested sassiness that resonated with so many people.

Lena posted a pic of Daria on Instagram and wrote: "Deep thoughts as I fall asleep: I love Daria just as much as the next child of the 90s but I am also concerned not enough of us realised she was rude and almost definitely had clinical depression/could have benefitted from therapy and maybe some medication. I really don't feel she, like, moved to New York and took the city by storm unless she got some help. Love you, night!"


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Lena, why you gotta go dilute Daria's radness by calling her mental state into question? Daria is sassy and analytical - that doesn't have to equate to being mentally ill. She's critical and says what she's feeling. Daria is conscious of the world and doesn't love the all the stuff that comes with being in high school. That's why she's so relateable. 

While Lena's comments are not ~groundbreaking~ they are kind of surprising coming from someone who's supposed to be all about progressive thinking when it comes to the ladies. There's not something wrong with you if you're not accepting and cheery 24/7. It's also a bit of a misfire, considering in the series Daria pretty clearly says she's "not depressed, just realistic."
We hear ya.

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