Aug 28, 2014 11:12AM

Let Nicki Minaj & Drake Take You Shopping For Snax

Plus an epic mix of Nicki verses and an extended fart joke.
Today in crucial bad bitch updates — Nicki Minaj and Drake just did a bit of convenience store shopping on the set of Usher's video for 'She Came To Give It To You' and the video of the snack-spree contains some adorable banter.
Like all good BFFs (with lap dance benefits) the buddies can be seen clowning around, calling each other 'boo' and pretending to be a couple. There's a number of interesting Drake and Nicki facts to be gleaned from viewing.
1. Nicki loves "Cheez-Its and shit".
2. Drake is the epitome of chivalry, even when he has the munchies.
3. Both Drake and Nicki are LOL and have good taste in snax.
4. What Nicki wants, Nicki gets Drake to get for her.

The champagne papi is so platonically in love with the shade queen that he instagrammed a picture of the pair walking arm-in-arm down an aisle, captioning it, "So you want me to be in a video where you do what to me...I'm in." Speaking of the 'Anaconda' video, TMZ's released a fart remix because of course they have.

And in other essential Nicki Minaj updates, someone's cut together a selection of 50 guest verses from the rapper — splicing them into one glorious, lengthy track. Thank you, Ursulatheseabitch