Apr 09, 2015 10:08AM

Let This Comprehensive Wes Anderson Playlist Improve Your Day

Mood music.

There are many things we adore about Wes Anderson movies, from their spectacular use of colour to their obsessive attention to framing. But beyond the beautiful visuals, there's also Anderson's genius ability to select exactly the right song for exactly the right scene. Like this truly heartbreaking example: 
Now, thanks to Spotify user Michael Park, you can get your Wes Anderson fandom on and listen to (almost) every single track ever used in his films, organised into one massive playlist. The playlist spans Anderson's entire catalogue, from Bottle Rocket to The Royal Tenenbaums to The Grand Budapest Hotel, with a big emphasis on 60s and 70s pop.  

There are 166 Anderson-approved tracks to listen to on the playlist. So sit back, relax, and have some Mendl's cakes handy, while you immerse yourself in this Wes Anderson music megamix. 

GIFS: Tumblr

Nadia Bailey