Mar 07, 2017 1:57PM

Lilly And Chaun: A Love Story, Shot By Darren Ankenman

Belong 2gether.

Chaun Loose is a Lilly Warren are a coupla cool chicks/cool couple from LA. Chaun did some casual modelling for us a while back and currently spends her time making art, and Lilly is a child development major who's really into ramen. Get to know the MFEO legends below. 


What was your first impression of Chaun?
I was really struck by her... So much so that I could barely talk to her all night. I did notice that she had a great music taste and was pretty goofy though.

Best memory together?
Cheesy, but, laying on the sand at my childhood beach drinking tall cans and looking at the stars together.

What do you admire most about her?
Her resilience. She tackles any challenge she faces with ease.

What's Chaun's favourite movie?
Hildago, she will kill me for disclosing this.

What's Chaun's most annoying habit?
She's really terrible at giving directions. She'll tell me to turn as were already passing the street... I think she'll tell you that it's my driving that's at fault.

What's Chaun's signature dish?
We're aficionados of burritos. Chaun's signature is bean and cheese with guacamole.

What's Chaun's idea of a utopia?
Everything mid-century modern — clown figurines everywhere.


What was your first impression of Lilly?
I thought she was super adorable. I tried so hard not to have a fat crush on her but it was impossible.

Best memory together?
The Brian Wilson show we went to! It was free at the fair. I got off work late and it took us a while to get there. When we finally did, he'd already started his set so we had to run through crowds of people but we made it! We danced and sang our hearts out.

What do you admire most about her?
Her playfulness. She goes out of her way to make everyday fun! We do so many things all the time.

What's Lilly's favourite movie?
Babies, it's a movie about babies growing up around the world. She's a child development major so it's fitting.

What's Lilly's most annoying habit?
She sneaks around and steals all my socks!!! The worst part is that she never takes the time to match them so I never can find the mates. Drives me nuts.

What's Lilly's signature dish?
She's obsessed with ramen. I am too though so it works out.

What's Lilly's idea of a utopia?
Replacing Joe Madden as the Cubs manager, owning all the 80s skateboarding paraphernalia, a baby, and a corgi puppy.

Photgraphy: Darren Ankenman

Lucy Jones