Sep 20, 2012 9:24AM

Lindsay 'No Hands' Lohan on Tumblr

"Look Mom, no hands!"

Ever wondered what celebrity amputees would look like? Probably not, but in any case here it is. Introducing Lindsay NoHands, the Tumblr site dedicated to a handless Lindsay Lohan. Basically it’s a compilation of Li-Lo pictures, where her outer extremities have been digitally amputated. Cue all number of gags that run the gamut of what it takes to hold a steering wheel, improvements to both alcoholism and serial theft, degeneration of eating disorder issues and/or that impending (never real) Chanel lawsuit. Remember the time back in 2006 when Lindsay fractured both her wrists and blamed her Chanel boots for the injury? Just for the record, those boots were flat.

If said wrist injury was in fact the inspiration behind Lindsay NoHands, then it’s certainly been a long time in the making. The Tumblr posts span back about one month and include a few doozies along the lines of “Friends don’t let friends drive with no hands” and “Look Mom, no hands!”

It’s certainly not the sexiest concept ever to grace Tumblrland and probably not even the most un-PC, but it is hands-down the best thing we’ve seen all week.