Jan 29, 2014 4:47PM

Listen: David Lynch 'And Light Shines'

Not new Twin Peaks, but it's new material.

Following a recent spot of confusion / precipitant excitement around a new season of Twin Peaks (which has been confirmed as not happening BTW) David Lynch has offered up something else: a previously unheard song from last year's release The Big Dream. The B-side is named 'And Light Shines' and it feels exactly the way it should — Lynch-esque stream-of-concisousness, chilling poetic narration and a post-apocalyptic kind of energy. Very much the man's creepy-casual approach to storytelling, with some extra help from a drum machine beat. Here it is:

Oh, and that disproved tip about Twin Peaks' return? It's a real shame about that, but David did confirm there'll be 'special things' on the Blu-ray release slated for later in the year. Here are his exact words if you missed the news: 


Photo: Nadav Kander